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It's only now, at 6.30pm, that I have slowed down enough to remember that it's Samhain, the Day of the Dead, when the veil thins between the worlds, and our beloveds who have left us may be contacted.
I have not set out my altar, or a fresh dark candle. I have barely had time to remember the Wheel turning at all.
Only by accident did I note yesterday that the Moon is waxing towards full.
So, now, I sit, I stare into the glow of a salt crystal lamp in the shape of a flame, and I remember my beloved dead.

Mum - who carried me, held me that first precarious year when I was so sickly, so small, so weak.
Dad - who helped me be self-reliant, who allowed me explore sport, and although disappointed when I gave it up, kept it to himself.
Peter - my eldest brother, who taught me what it is to not be a fixed point, who changed from job to job to job, and never settled.
Helene - who showed me how to laugh, how to be sure of myself, to not take things so seriously.
Gail - who gave me an example I didn't wish to follow, and and object lesson in endurance.
Swami Satyananda - who, for a time in my life, was a guiding light, and still, very occasionally appears in dreams.
Johnny Cash - a father figure whose voice carries cadences of my own father.
Toyah, Gingy, Tangy, Meep, Buffy, Cherry, Baby - much loved cats.
Eily - beloved aunt.
Leonard Nimoy - Mr Spock: crush, guide, mentor.
Leonard Cohen - wisdom speaker.

At this moment, I can think of no more.
At this moment, with no dinner table to set, I make space on the couch beside me, and invite you all to come watch Dr Who with us tonight. Come be in the only family time available. I offer this time with love, and honour you all.
Come sit with TB, PB, and I and marvel at the life I've created. With Angel, making a home on some blankets, and the Pupika stretched out on another set. With salt crystal lamps glowing, and the overhead fluorescent off. With the tv lighting our faces, take your place, and let me remember you.

I look across to my book shelf of oracle and tarot cards, and my gaze falls on the Rumi oracle set, and the Magdalene oracle. Tell me, beloved dead, what do you wish to tell me this Samhain night? Speak deep to me.

Al-Uzza - Star of Venus.
"I am the pure Light, my son.
I am not a handful of worthless dust.
I am not just an empty shell.
I am a regal pearl formed in this world!
Close your eyes to see and become aware of me.
Perceive me with eyes that see the unseen.
Come into the mystery to find me.
I am a carefree visitor here for you." - Rumi

Though the ways of this world seem strange to you at times, you eventually call it to be nothing but strange beauty, and expand your heart, resisting nothing, to allow all to be bathed in the radiance of your being.
You are here to share the light of another world.

The Matrix: You cannot understand the present situation using only the logic of your finite mind. A greater truth exists, even if you cannot see it. Trust that all that is happening is an act of love.

Thankyou, my beloved dead. Through these two cards, you remind me that I am a Star Person, someone who sees beyond this world, and has a sense inside of the vast universe. You remind me, through these cards, that I must continue to convey that to the world. Not only beam it out of me from heart space, and mind space, but to write it in the truth of my memoirs, and stories.

As I write this, on the cd player, is the latest offering from Sacred Earth, the live recording that PB I travelled to the Sunshine Coast to take part in. We sat in a tiny scout hall in the middle of nowhere, and sang with Sacred Earth as this was recorded.
"Ancient Mother" is one of their favourite songs. "Open your heart, open your mind, feel your soul flying free".

Who is to say that this moment, sitting on the brown couch, is not ritual, is not magical, is not holy space. Not every piece of witchcraft involves a formal altar, the casting of circle, and representations of the four elements. Not everything is a calling in of deity. Sometimes, it's as simple as altered consciousness for a short time, awareness of intention, and trust that the messages you receive are true for you.
That is what is happening now. I find myself centred down, calm in mind and body, able to type this at top speed, while still in that shifted place. The words come through me, and I am not fully conscious of them. My chest feels full to bursting, my collar bones open like wings, the base of my skull as thin as water. I become the liminal space I need.
Write, I must write, I must leap of faith into the dark of space, and write the dark into the light.
And it's gone. PB sat down and flicked on the tv. The blare of Shaun the Sheep has knifed through me.
Whipped quickly out of that state, the headache begins, and I need water, and water, and water.
Back to reality, back to family life.
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Three yellow leaves
on a black windshield.
Which one will the glass eat,
to sustain its revving self?
The pooled raindrops
as saliva,
wipers as tongue.
Autumn nourishment
for a winter mouth.
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Sun's out! Sun's out! Raining when I woke this morning, now there's a break in the rain. I should rush out into it, walk my bum off. I also promised myself yoga, blog, writing - and if I do those good things, I am allowed lunch at WholeFoods, complete with green tea, and maybe a dessert.
I've done about 25 minutes of old, creaky body yoga, and now, here I am.

This morning, staring at the ceiling while I did some on-my-back stretches, I found myself, inexplicably, immersed in an eavesdropping from circa 1993. My first yoga teacher was musing to one of her close friends about a dream she had. It was concerning a yoga posture. She didn't know if it was a personal message to her as to the meaning of the posture, the name of the posture, or whether she was supposed to practice that posture herself, or to teach it. She wondered what her guru was telling her.
I was on my way out of the neighbourhood house, and had no reason to linger close by and hear the end of the conversation. There were no iphones back then that I could have whipped out and checked. I didn't even have a scrap of paper I could pretend was a 'to do' list. I never did find out what she decided was the interpretation.
I've never dreamed of yoga postures, although I have sometimes dreamed of being in yoga class.
I very, very occasionally dream of that guru. More often when I was younger, and more involved with that mob. Since his death, I've only dreamed of him twice, the last time about 6 years ago. In that dream, he was mocking my poems.
This harkens to a story I heard some years ago, of him requesting one of his sannyasins a number of paintings. She was a talented artist. She presented him the paintings, and he immediately laughed at them, mocked them, and threw them on the ground. He walked on them, and invited several of his visitors to do the same.
Other sannyasins said it was a lesson in ego. You know what, I would have punched him in the mouth. I wouldn't have cared if I was there to learn to transcend the ego. At that moment, my 'evil' ego would have risen up and he would have been minus a couple of teeth.
So glad now I never formally joined that mob.

I was going to say that this rambling brings me no closer to a new entry in my spiritual memoir. However, it IS a reminder that my years skirting the edges of that particular mob are part of my journey, too, and need to be part of the story.
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There are not enough of us to go
those who chose to age,
to concern ourselves with tribal future.

We wise wimmin
travel the land along ancient lines,
healing with story, herb, bony touch.

Children explore our faces with wonder
for they do not know wrinkles,
the crevasses of the dark.

We are too few,
and needed too much.
Our stories are demanded,
but put it on the computer,
where I can read it later,
Old Woman.
Don't tell me truth
face to face.
The mirror of your eyes says too much.

So, we travel to where we are needed
but not wanted.
The adults hurry us on,
while children reach out their hands,
their mouths round O's of more.
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I latched on to a vision of myself at about 15. I knew I was a writer, and would be a writer, and had had it pounded into me by various writing books that fiction writers don't make money. There were, as far as I knew, no millionaire writers, no multi-million dollar book contracts. Likely Stephen King, and Alex Haley, and Sidney Sheldon were making their marks in the world circa 1979, but I didn't read them.
The way to supporting oneself was journalism. Thus, Journalist Satya Vision was born. At 15, I saw myself at 40, alone in a hotel room, phoning in a story from some war-torn place. Outside the hotel, rubble-strewn dusty streets, and the sounds of gunfire and distant bombs. Inside my room, dim lighting due to dodgy electricity supply. Me on the phone, calling in a war story. And then sitting on my bed, looking at my scrawny, aged hands (at age 40!) and realising that I'd missed the good things in life - family, home, pets, children. Wondering what the hell my life was all about anyway.
That vision turned me against journalism. Not that I needed a lot of turning. Yes, I've written more than my fair share of articles, but not one has been a 'just the facts, sir' reporting.
The 60 Minutes lifestyle would not have suited me.
Where the fear of 'oh no, I wouldn't have that treasured family life' fear came from, I don't know. I wasn't a girl who played weddings with her dolls. (More like funerals, and a lot of sex) I planned on being an astronaut and writer, and my future self did not seem to be married or have children. Or if I was married, it was a means to an end - at that time, astronaut criteria included being an American citizen, and I figured the old 'marriage to an American' would fix that.
Likely, I imbibed the 'safety and security through a husband' stuff from society.
Anyway, I can now look back on Hardbitten Journalist Satya with amusement. That vision has not had a lot of power over me. I found my way into non-fiction writing through my Bachelor of Arts, and discovered I had a talent for feature articles, and personal essays.
I have continued on my way ever since, ranging across parenting and new age magazines, witchcraft mags, and belly dance sites. I continue my merry way through memoir and autobiography.
While this self-vision does not hold much sway in my life, I write it here as an intro to other blog posts about other visions that have clung much more fiercely, sometimes with teeth.
Hardbitten Journalist Satya signing off
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I'm sitting up in front of the tv tonight. I'm watching 'Downton Abbey' Season 2, years after everyone else. If that newspaper editor isn't the son of Michael Palin, I'll eat my hat.

The past few days, I've been crook. Not wholesale revolting crook, which I was the first day, but just slightly under the weather, with runny nose and dry throat rumbling like thunder down below the horizon. The constant state of debilitation that I experience is roaring. Yet, I'm frustrated that there's so much I want to be doing. I've had my fill of lying on my bed, reading. The book I'm currently immersed in is SEE WHAT I HAVE DONE, which is a retelling of the Lizzie Borden case. But even that has lost appeal.
I spend so much darned 'down' time that it's less a luxury and more a prison. And that's how I see fibromyalgia - a sentence. Depression, anxiety, whatever other label we could slap on me, my body is a prison!
I'm told that I need to change my attitude and accept that this is my life now. I refuse. I want my old body back, my energy, my focus and enthusiasm. I want to eat life with a serving spoon, not a teaspoon.
While I love my quiet days of art, tarot, writing, reading, gardening, and walking the dog, I also want my high-energy days of belly dance, of ballroom dancing, of grandparenting, and exploration of my surrounds.
No doubt, at least once a month, there will be variation on this theme, as I turn sulky, angry, or throw a complete tantrum. It's not fair, it's not fair, it's not fair!
Immune-compromised be damned! Give me health, vitality, enthusiasm, focus, and joie de vivre.
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I signed up for a Tarot Art Journalling course with Kiala Givehand a couple of months ago. March was THE month. The Facebook group went crazy, and it was all I could to do a daily pull and a matchbox-sized sketch, despite great intentions. Halfway through April, and I've just done my first lesson - Sigil work.
Because I was impatient to finish, the face has ended up looking like every face I've drawn since I was 15. I wanted her more manga, I wanted her more detailed, older. Well, I got a little older, because I put some bags under her eyes, but she's definitely big-eyed, with the same scrappy long hair I always draw because I get fed up by the hair point. I haven't even given her a neck. Under her face is a black cauldron full of black, red, and purple. The sigil I drew is on her right cheek, not her forehead like I planned. Her hair isn't red, her eyes not brown (like me). Purple, black, and blue hair, purple eyes, pinky red full mouth. She looks sad on one side, slightly distressed on the other.
Anyway, there she is in my art journal, with a sigil on her face. Now, I can leave that there, and move on with the next lesson, or I can work magic with the sigil, empower it, and set it free into the world. And I think it's time to do exactly that. I haven't worked any magic in at least two full moons, if not more.
I shall refer to my T.Thorn Coyle book of 'Sigil Magic for Writers', and perhaps read the pertinent chapters from a few other books to see which way of sigil empowerment I fancy. There's more than one way.
The first part of sigil magic is complete anyway, because I can no longer clearly remember what the sigil is for. Forgetting the sigil is often mentioned as an important step. Create it, empower it, release it into the world.
A recent talk with SexMagicMan: he says he's never come across the idea of forgetting the sigil purpose. He's done loads of magic across more than 30 years.
Oh, what to do, what to do....
Reading is always a good idea....

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This past week, I've had loads of vivid, distressing dreams, mostly involving exes; specifically XP and the ExBastard.
(I've suddenly realised that new readers will have no idea who they are. Okay, I have an Ex Husband, known as LoafAbout, or LA. Then there was 18 months with YogaMan. Then, after a brief excursion into Christian land with StreetWitness, and a short adventure with ThighsMan, I began what turned out to be one magical year, one bad year, and one we-broke-up-but-we're-both-addicted-to-each-other-and-not-in-a-good-way six months with the Ex Bastard, known as XB. After that, was ten years with XP, the Ex-Partner. Now, for the past six years, there has been PizzaBoy, the Excellent Husband. So, do try to keep them straight, my loves. LA, XB, and XP.)
These dreams left me sweating, distressed, unsure of who I was each morning, fearful, and with dream flavour all over me most of the day.
At first, I thought it was because I was reading RIDING THE BUS WITH MY SISTER, which is about a woman who indeed rides the bus with her intellectually impaired sister. I have a son with autism, intellectual impairment, hearing imapairment, blah, blah blah. I thought the book was triggering off old stuff.
Be that as it may, it's more than that. The dreams are a clarion call re-examine old, old self-stories.
I did a three card tarot spread for myself yesterday, using my brand new Mary-El tarot. Time to own my part in those old stories. Time to admit that in the weeks before being dumped by XP, I was both ecstatic that I was finally going to move in with the man I loved, deeply upset that he demanded I get rid of one of my cats, and that my kids have only limited visiting times in the house, and my daughter, not at all for six months, and behaving like a bit of a shit.
By turns sulky, hyper, near hysterically confident that this was finally, finally happening, and never mind what he was asking of me, and assuming that one relationship counselling session would fix everything.
When I finally found someone who would rehome Missy, our little pale grey cat, it was one more hoop I'd jumped through for XP, and deeply distressing.
I called XP at work to ask if he couldn't see his way clear to not only having Angel, but also Missy in his precious house.
XP: I'm sorry, but no.
He liked Angel. He didn't like Missy. She didn't come when he called. She shied away from him.
Satya: It will take me a long time to forgive you for this.

That was the fateful trigger. He arrived at my house in the evening, as I was packing my spice bottles into a cardboard moving box. He shouted that I loved my cats more than him. That he didn't succumb to emotional blackmail. How dare I.
He stormed out. I looked at the cinnamon jar in my hand and numbly packed it into the box.
An hour later came the text message. He'd cancelled the moving van, due in three days. I wasn't moving in. We're over. Don't contact him.
I drove to his house, hysterical. I offered him a full bag of grapefruits I'd picked from my generous neighbour's tree, just for him. I noticed he'd claimed back his house key I kept in my car.
He didn't budge. We were done.

I'm not saying it was my fault. He had me at the cliff-edge already. By this time, I'd agreed to so many self-compromising things that I no longer knew if I had boundaries at all. All to keep him. Because I was afraid of being alone.
I'm not saying that he wasn't a dick. He was.
But, to be honest, I was a bit of a dick, too.

Oh, the things we women do to keep a man who is not worthy of us.

And, as of last night, no LA, XB, or XP dreams.
Sure, a weird dream full of emotion: I'm a prison guard, and to avoid witnessing an execution, I spin an complex story about knowing the prisoner in some way; of knowing the true story behind a certain poet's Muse relationship with a girl called Louise, who is somehow linked to the prisoner. I start pointing out that poems written about other people are, in fact, about Louise.

As usual, I woke wrung out, because all the way through the dream, I know I am lying, and getting deeper in all the time. But the dream flavour is no longer with me. I am not spending the day with stirred-up emotions. And, it wasn't about my exes. Whew! I guess the dream message being hammered at me for the past week has finally been delivered. Own your part in it all. Own your shit.
So, here I am, owning. I'm human. I made, and make mistakes. Can't change them. It all happened.
Now, I wonder how my Bottom-of-the-fridge soup is coming along?
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Today, PizzaBoy and I went to Alowyn Gardens, up in Yarra Glen. About 90 minutes out of Melbourne, and 40 from our place. Nice drive, with white cloud still lifting off the Dandenong Ranges. A very still day, with a nip in the air that didn't ever quite leave, despite mid-morning to late afternoon warmth.
Beautiful colour in the trees in the Gardens, and plenty of gourds growing. Quinces being harvested for sale, along with a few lemons. We nicked one lemon.
Satya: Look, lemons!
PizzaBoy: Mmmm...
Satya: Ripe lemons! But I can't reach them.
PB: Sigh.
Reader, he picked me a ripe lemon and hid it in our carry bag.
Earlier I had observed a very sharp decorative picket fence. I said that they were for impaling the enemies of Alowyn Gardens. I then spotted a house on a nearby hill, and said they were the rulers of the Gardens. Finally, there was a feature I called mini-Stonehenge. A large flat table of rock, with stone around it, although the seats were too far from the table to be of any use. I said it was the sacrificial altar and made PB lie down on it, and play dead for a photo.
Back to the lemon moment. I saw more ripe lemons in other trees, higher up.
Satya(regretful): We can't reach them, can we?
PB: No, and I daresay they excuse one stolen lemon in a bag, but a whole bag full means being staked out.
Satya: Those bastards!
Later, we visited the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie about a kilometre up the road, and from its hilly outlook, I could see the Gardens, and the other hill house beyond.
Satya: So, these must be the sworn enemies of the Gardens. Who do you think is better situated to win the war?
PB: Hard to say. But it's like England and Scotland.
Satya:(pointing to another house in the distance): That must be Ireland over there.
PB: Those alpacas... Peru caught between England and Scotland.
Satya: Who taught you geography? Those alpacas are obviously Wales....I remember an old Goon Show. "I come from Wales!" "Well, I can see you don't come from sardines, boyo!"
Seconds later....
Satya: Look, there's a commie pinko up there! (points to a horse in a pink blanket)

You have to make your own fun, especially when you've been chocolated out on Easter Sunday and have no interest in eating choc or ice cream at the actual chocolaterie.
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Ages after everyone else has trooped over here, I've finally arrived. I've looked around, and made myself a little comfy on the old brown couch. I've yet to haul up the cushions, the blankies, the dog, and install a couple of the cats, to say nothing of switching on the salt crystal lamps, and clicking on Sacred Earth's newest cd.

Tonight, at nearly 7pm, I'm puzzling over what to say. I've left behind 12 years of lj blogging to start fresh here. Same old life, brand new space. At my feet is Penny the black cat. She's about 8 years old now, and if it's true that a black cat houses the soul of a witch, it's no wonder the poor girl is crabby most of the time. She grumps at us instead of meowing. Every morning, she hops up on the husband's pillow and subtly combs his hair with her claws. She's given up trying to hook a claw up his nose now that he has a CPAP machine. No fun to be had there. So she scrapes at his scalp until he gets up and feeds everyone.
She has her back to me, as is her way, and is somewhere between dozing, and simple disapproval of me being on the brown couch with the computer in my lap. How dare I do that and not have room for Penny.

Soon I'll retire to bed to continue reading 'Riding The Bus With My Sister'. I didn't expect this book to be an uncomfortable read, but the narrator's sister has an intellectual impairment. TwentiesPerson, my adult offspring(born male, but identifies as female) has a mild intellectual impairment. I suspect a combination of reading this book, and dealing with some stuff related to his impairment recently has lead to a series of anxiety dreams. Simply awful dreams that push all my deepest buttons. Thus, this morning, I awoke distressed. The dream flavour stayed with me all day, and I hope to not encounter the vibe of it when I get back into bed tonight. I've sprayed the sheets with sweet orange and rose geranium oils, so oils, do your uplifting thing.
TwentiesPerson was, on lj, known as TwentiesBoy, and TeenBoy before that, but I feel that I should try to be generous with his self-identification. As a language, English needs more pronouns. I know it's acceptable to refer to them as 'them' and 'they', but to me, it sounds like I'm referring to a committee. I have tried zis, and zer, zim, zes, and ze, but I can't keep it consistent. So, here, you've met TP, as he/she/ze will be known on this blog, and you've met me, SatyaPriya.
That's likely enough to start with. I do hear that long blog entries are super-unfashionable.


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