Aug. 4th, 2017

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It's a cold, cold day here in Melbourne. Overcast skies, and the Dandenongs are misted in. No visibility at all and it's the middle of the day. Not as freezing cold as yesterday, but enough to keep me indoors until my 5pm naturopath appointment.
I walked to and from the chiropractor's rooms this morning. That's plenty of outdoor air for today.
I'm now parked on PizzaBoy's bed, as the snoring room is the warmest room in the house. I've whittled the mammoth email backlog by about 10 emails, paid a couple of bills, and have answered some facebook messages.
What a good girl am I.
I've even remembered to give my seeds, thinking about sprouting in the seedling tray, a squirt of water.
I thought this afternoon would be an arting time, but now that I'm fed, watered, warm, and comfy, the afternoon blah is upon me, and I will spend my time reading.
Yesterday I did some artwork with a girlfriend. Her house in Boronia was quite cold, an old weatherboard house. Her art room upstairs was even colder. By the time I'd played with some pastels, and done my 'thing', I could no longer feel my legs from the knees down. We went back downstairs, but even the warmth of her little dog in my lap couldn't thaw me. When I left, I went straight to Forage and ate hot chips and drank hot chocolate, but it was no good. I was chilled. I came home, into pyjamas, and into bed.
And what happens when Satya gets warm again? A nanna nap.
However, my friend and I had spent much time discussing how unkind we are to ourselves, that if we spoke to others the way we spoke to ourselves, we'd have no friends. So I took my afternoon sleepiness as a sign that this was what I needed, and let myself drowse.
Today, I'm conscious that I feel good when I get some things done, so I've done that, and now I can be kind to myself by being warm, cozy, and reading. I've just borrowed 'The Boy At The Top of The Mountain' by John Boyne, the man who wrote 'The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas'. It's not a fat book, so I suspect that if I start now, I'll be immersed in it until this evening's bedtime.
Must run, book is calling.


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