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Sunday evening, waiting for Dr Who to come on. The one time of the week TwentiesBoy is willing to sit down with us for uninterrupted time. If I'm lucky, he'll let me take his hand during the scary bits.

Mother's Day today. Awake at 7.30am, with PizzaBoy pulling back the drapes, and letting in the horrible cold morning. At the Pancake Parlour by 8.30am, where we were joined by TwentiesGirl, CarMan, and their three kids, FirstGrandson, SecondGrandson, FirstGranddaughter(who I think may get nicknamed SuziQuatro, after today's growly shouting session at her pancake).
We ordered and ate like we were trying out for the Fast Eating Olympics. Three wild grandkids will do that. Two needed a sleep. One needed a big long run to let off sugar and steam.
Home again by 11.30, after a detour to Kmart to check out dvds.
And that was my Mother's Day. I spent the afternoon lying around, reading NINE WOMEN, ONE DRESS. I'm about 70% of the way through it. About seven women have worn this dress, and not once is it mentioned that it's been cleaned. Urk.
Fish and chips for dinner, which I didn't feel like, really. After all that sugar for breakfast, I felt rather off all day.
Will be glad to crawl back into bed after Dr Who and Whovians(Adam Richards likes some of my tweets, and Rove McManus responded to a tweet of mine last Monday. Swoon!). I'm so famous now.

How on earth did Mrs Woog blog every day for a year? She has children, a family life.... Where did she find the time to build her empire? I have good intentions of being here three times a week, at least, and hah! Life. Don't talk to me about life.

Okay, the weekly round-up.
Yoga - creak, creak, come on body, what's wrong with you?
Health - remarkably good this week.
Household - same level of mess.
Family - all good, with added TB 25th birthday, and Mother's Day.
Things sighted - my favourite tree has finally gotten the news about autumn, on Hawthorn Road, and is blazing bright light red at the moment. A pleasure to see. The dog walking park now has six sets of soccer goals dug in and set up. One of the local dog walking ladies has taken up Physie(a local dance-aerobics-exercise thing at the local primary school) and is looking remarkably thin and fit these days. Dymocks has unicorn pens.
Belly dance - none this past week, but I will be teaching a one-hour taster class next Friday, as a treat for some local ladies.
Witchie work - I put my ocean-coloured crystals out for the Scorpio full moon, and said hello to Grandmother Moon, and noted She was smallish, but bright orange in the sky.
Writing - a few entries for #StoryADay May, and one flash fiction offered to Andromeda Spaceways Magazine. I feel a poem trying to get out of me, but as yet, it's only a feeling, nothing more. Once it finds its hook to hang on, the feeling will become an itch, and then it's on with the birthing pangs.

And now, I'll make another blog post about the Big Vegan Market I attended yesterday.


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