Sep. 11th, 2017

Brain Dump

Sep. 11th, 2017 12:17 pm
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Can I just say that I have been the total grown up today? Not only have I done the admin and phone calls for transferring my superannuation to an ethical fund, but I've done a bunch of things for TwentiesBoy's VCAT financial report, and paid a bill.
Not much else to do with myself while I'm down with a virus of some sort. I'm not terribly sick, but very debilitated.
So, I thought tackling these pending issues was good use of my couch time.
And three things off the huge brain dump list of stuff that I did last week.
I took a few hours and wrote down every issue that was whizzing around in my head, and categorised them into 'financial', 'family', 'health', etc.
I then pick 2-3 per week to tackle.
Some are unpleasant, like financial admin. Some will be wonderful, like 'go to Scotland'.
Not all will get done in the next year, and that's okay.
But at least I can feel like I'm making headway.
And I can hope that one day, there will be much less to write in the six-monthly brain dump, because I will have dealt with stuff.
And now, to lie down on the swooning couch, and swoon.
I'm reading 'The Spoonbenders' and rather wondering why, except for Irene, the only interesting character.


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