Apr. 17th, 2017

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Today, PizzaBoy and I went to Alowyn Gardens, up in Yarra Glen. About 90 minutes out of Melbourne, and 40 from our place. Nice drive, with white cloud still lifting off the Dandenong Ranges. A very still day, with a nip in the air that didn't ever quite leave, despite mid-morning to late afternoon warmth.
Beautiful colour in the trees in the Gardens, and plenty of gourds growing. Quinces being harvested for sale, along with a few lemons. We nicked one lemon.
Satya: Look, lemons!
PizzaBoy: Mmmm...
Satya: Ripe lemons! But I can't reach them.
PB: Sigh.
Reader, he picked me a ripe lemon and hid it in our carry bag.
Earlier I had observed a very sharp decorative picket fence. I said that they were for impaling the enemies of Alowyn Gardens. I then spotted a house on a nearby hill, and said they were the rulers of the Gardens. Finally, there was a feature I called mini-Stonehenge. A large flat table of rock, with stone around it, although the seats were too far from the table to be of any use. I said it was the sacrificial altar and made PB lie down on it, and play dead for a photo.
Back to the lemon moment. I saw more ripe lemons in other trees, higher up.
Satya(regretful): We can't reach them, can we?
PB: No, and I daresay they excuse one stolen lemon in a bag, but a whole bag full means being staked out.
Satya: Those bastards!
Later, we visited the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie about a kilometre up the road, and from its hilly outlook, I could see the Gardens, and the other hill house beyond.
Satya: So, these must be the sworn enemies of the Gardens. Who do you think is better situated to win the war?
PB: Hard to say. But it's like England and Scotland.
Satya:(pointing to another house in the distance): That must be Ireland over there.
PB: Those alpacas... Peru caught between England and Scotland.
Satya: Who taught you geography? Those alpacas are obviously Wales....I remember an old Goon Show. "I come from Wales!" "Well, I can see you don't come from sardines, boyo!"
Seconds later....
Satya: Look, there's a commie pinko up there! (points to a horse in a pink blanket)

You have to make your own fun, especially when you've been chocolated out on Easter Sunday and have no interest in eating choc or ice cream at the actual chocolaterie.


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