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Well, so much for the good intentions to be here twice a week. Most of that motivation was to 'build my on-line platform', and you know what, fuck that for a joke. I'd rather be writing actual stuff.
Which hasn't been happening either. I had a great rhythm going there for a bit, and then fell of the bike. Now I have a head cold, which won't kill me - I'll just wish it would.
It's 4.41pm, getting dark already. Winter Solstice, and I've done nothing about that, apart from a brief foray to Lincraft to buy a swatch of black and white cloth for my altar. Instead, I've spent most of this afternoon either reading the 4th Harry Potter book, or dicking about online.
I have three candles burning on the coffee table in front of me. There, that's my big ritual to welcome back the light. Even though we're still in for the coldest months of the year, and I feel cold and dark, and insular.
Rather shitty too, that this head cold has caused me to miss a seminar through the Emerging Writers Festival, and cancel my planned trip to Alice Springs for the Beanie Festival.
Fuck! on both counts.
Part of me wants to just lie down, turn my back to the outside world, and mope. Part of me wants to watch classic movies such as 'All About Eve' until late Spring is here. Part of me hopes to forge ahead with 257 writing projects and burst on the scene like a comet.
A very small part of me might like to attend Medtrek 6, but I dunno, I'm not much of a con-goer these days, and would know only very few people. I'm not much good at sitting around reminiscing about Medtrek 1, and 2, because I didn't attend them.
Oh, I'm a gloomy person today. A curse on all the head-filling gunk of viruses.
Okay, that's it, no more moaning. Stop putting this shit out in the world.

Date: 2017-06-23 03:50 am (UTC)
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WEll, I'm not going to ignore someone's birthday which is on the solstice—but that's as pagan as I will ever get.

Speaking as the first of Generation X, much of what was true for you was true for us, but I was in a country where anyone could ride anywhere on the bus except the driver's seat, and women could do so without fear of being spat on.

You could get served in a Chinese restaurant, but you rarely went out for tea, anyway.

Shop signs were in English.

If a plane got hijacked, it would land safely somewhere.

The metric system was something the French did.

Pubs closed at 6PM.

We didn't even have the phone on, but when we got it in 1971 we were never phoned by a Pakistani.

No-one could steal your identity.

Ah, these reminiscences. In some ways the world has got better, but in many more ways, worse. Still, a world where dentistry has improved so much is one I'd rather be in.

Date: 2017-06-23 12:06 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] captlychee
Sorry about this comment. It was meant to go on Sue Burke's blog, but somehow ended up here. Feel free to delete it.


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